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Reflective tape

Reflective tape

Reflective tapes are designed for applications where visual presence of hazards are important.

Reflective tape in sizes 20, 25 and 50 mm, available to choose from two quality:

- A-quality - reflective tape is on the fabric and

- B quality - reflective tape is on a foil

In our program we also have highly visible fabric for jackets that are used for making protective clothing. Reflective tape is sewn onto the fabric or it can be glued on.

We have certificates of reflective tapes that meet all the required standards.

Available colors of reflective tapes:

Yellow and orange - warning, highly visible tapes, A quality

Silver - highly reflective tape, A and B quality

White - a highly reflective tape, A quality

Self-adhesive tape on the foil in silver color, width 50 mm.

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