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Snap buttons

Snap buttons

Press buttons are made of brass or iron.

We offer:

  • Snap button "Spring" - with needles for lightweight fashion, children's clothing, cap size 9 mm and 12 mm, various colors, used for heavier clothes and raincoats
- material - brass, finish - painted, nickel and nickel free for children's clothing

  • Regular (classical) snap button - for the textile industry and lightweight fashion, cap size 12, 14 and 17 mm

- material - brass, finish- nickel, burnished, painted and PVC head - black and dark blue

  • For leather and heavier garment - cap size 15 i 17 mm, made of iron or brass, various colors - nickel, burnished, scrap gold (old gold)

  • Special snap button for wallets and folders - made ​​in three parts

- material - iron, various colors - color of gold and nickel

French buckle (hook and eye) black and nickel in two sizes, packed in carton with 24 pieces and in bulk or can be sewn on the tape made of a 100% cotton (white fibers) or 100% polyamide (black, white and beige fibers).

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